Motivation Munchies

For the last couple of years, I had many, MANY moments of doubt and fear.  For most of the journey, I didn’t see a bodybuilder in the mirror, so I had to proceed on faith.  I had to believe this would work.  The mental game is sooo hard. When I found myself in a funk, to knock my head back into the game, I collected images on Facebook and put them into an album called “Motivation”.  About a dozen of them ended up on super sticky post-its which still frame my bathroom mirror.  Picked a few of my favorites to share with you tonight.  If you like them, I’ll share more regularly.


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3 responses to “Motivation Munchies

  1. One Fit Mama

    Very motivational! I like the courage doesnt roar one. Reminds me of the cowardly lion from wizard of oz


  2. Figure Girl Wanna Be

    I look at motivational pics and quotes online all the time! Keep them coming please.


  3. Love these motivational posts!! Thank you for sharing!


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