Sept 22, 2012: Glutes & Hams

It’s all about the butt.  It was a good workout.  Stepping up on treadmill afterwards to cool down hurt a little.  Ran some errands and when I got home, I needed to nap.  Very tired.  Excellent.

Total sets = 17, Volume = 16,080 pounds

9/22/12  RDL in Glutes & Hamstrings
65 x 10
95 x 10
115 x 10
135 x 10
155 x 8
175 x 6
135 x 8

9/22/12  Reverse Hypers in Glutes & Hamstrings
20 x 10  Superset w/glute ham raise
30 x 10
40 x 10

9/22/12  Glute Ham Raises in Glutes & Hamstrings (half body weight)
70 x 20
70 x 20
70 x 20

9/22/12  Leg Curl in Glutes & Hamstrings
45 x 10
45 x 10
45 x 10
45 x 8


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4 responses to “Sept 22, 2012: Glutes & Hams

  1. Deadlift day = epic naps


    • Me jealous. I didn’t get to do deadlifts. Power lifter boys had both platforms. Pushed up my RDL weight instead. The 175# ended up being all back, so I dropped it back down to 135# to hit the glutes again.


      • I honestly thought RDLs were just deadlifts with like your feet together or something.
        Thank you google for enlightening me. Why don’t I do these?


        • LOL! They are great for the butt. A lot of bodybuilders don’t do regular deadlifts because they think it makes the midsection too thick. I want to keep them in my program because 1) they are freaking fun, and 2) pretty sure they stimulate a lot more growth hormone than RDLs.


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