Oct 4, 2012: 5 x 5 – it’s my “Monday”

Today I started the 5 x 5 lifting routine I’m going to follow for…maybe three months?  Because I’ve done this before, I know the first 2-3 weeks are kind of boring.  Today was boring easy.  I know it’s good for me for a couple reasons…

1) Work on form.  Having the weights scripted on a spreadsheet keeps me from loading on too much weight to work my ego.  I need to build muscle.  Attitude – I’ve got.  Or I can work on that outside the gym.  Form and full range of motion will build pretty muscles.  “You’re a bodybuilder, not a power lifter” is my mantra during these sets.

2) Work smarter.  I tend to do a lot of sets. Probably more than I need.  I’ve been feeling very beat up for the last couple of weeks, so I’m not recovering properly.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet on the off days.  Stuff.  I know I’ll do something.  Martha had some creative ideas for her ‘off days’ when she was doing 5 x 5.  I should sneak over to her blog and look for ideas.  Yoga is probably a good idea.  I wish there was a “Yoga for Lifters” class I could take.  Imagine it – a bunch of us trying to do yoga – together.

Here’s what I did today, the first day.  Supposed to be light.  Maybe not so light if I had to do 10 reps, but 5 reps?  Easy peesy.

10/4/12  Squat in 5×5 Day 1
6:33:36 PM  70 x 5
6:33:44 PM  90 x 5
6:34:05 PM  105 x 5
6:34:15 PM  125 x 5
6:34:43 PM  140 x 5

10/4/12  Bench Press in 5×5 Day 1
6:35:09 PM  45 x 5
6:35:34 PM  65 x 5  Oops!  Supposed to be 55 – just loaded on two 10’s out of habit
6:35:41 PM  70 x 5
6:35:52 PM  80 x 5
6:36:10 PM  90 x 5

10/4/12  Barbell Row in 5×5 Day 1 (I did the regular ones.  Underhand grip to work biceps a little.)
6:39:45 PM  50 x 5 – felt kind of stupid doing these in public with two 2.5 lb plates – lame
6:39:51 PM  65 x 5
6:39:58 PM  75 x 5
6:40:07 PM  90 x 5
6:40:23 PM  100 x 5


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4 responses to “Oct 4, 2012: 5 x 5 – it’s my “Monday”

  1. I love 5 X 5. It’s what I started on. I am making some good progress right now (of the chinup kind!) with reverse pyramids. Any thoughts on the best type of bent over row? Is it better to do these with dumbbells? Guess i’ll do both!


    • Hi! I did 5 x 5 last spring and also loved it. Just didn’t get to do it long enough. I actually like doing them with dumbbells a lot and I should do both, too. One lat is smaller than the other and dumbbell work would help even them out.


  2. I’m glad day 1 was a success for you. I felt like such a weiner the first few weeks – it’s hard checking your ego and doing less, but I guess we can all afford a form check for a short period of time, plus a deload always feels pretty good.
    I am always trying to figure out good stuff to do on rest days – here’s something I wanted to run past you – you crazy bodybuilders and your perpensity to work on building pretty muscles – would it be too much on a 5×5 to add some light iso lifts to rest days to target tiny muscle groups that maybe get overlooked in a big boring program? Sometimes I do like dumbbell curls and variations, or stuff strictly focused on triceps. Nothing crazy, but stuff I don’t have the energy to do after a big lift session with bug assistance lifts too, but still want to do? Does that sound like overkill if I keep it moderate and don’t do it if I feel like crap?
    Also, when I look for yoga videos to do if I can’t make a class, I try to find stuff that’s like “yoga for athletes” and stuff like that online. A lot of it is made for runners, but I’ve found some ok ones that way. Also, I’m not too proud to say that I do senior citizen yoga sometimes because I need to be guided through stretches because I’m not self motivated enough, but after a heavy lift session I am not trying to wrap my legs around my head with a bunch of tiny gumby girls. Yoga for power lifters would be a bomb class – I would definitely sign up. Maybe if I stop dragging my feet and get myself more educated, I can come up with something 🙂
    I’ve found Pilates to be invigorating lately – did you know the original creator of it was a strength trainer who developed a system so that he could still keep strength training if he got thrown into a concentration camp and didn’t have access to equipment? That alone is one of the most B.A things ever. It also feels pretty good and I like the core centric nature of it. Honestly, I like it a lot better than yoga right now.
    Ok I’m sorry I’m like blowing up your comments here I’ve just had a busy week and haven’t got a lot of fitness chatter in. Plus I just worked out and drank like 5 cups of coffee.


    • Hahahahaha! Love it! Please comment more when you’ve had coffee.

      Your suggestion about the assistance work is exactly my conundrum. I want to lift those little parts on the off days, but I also want to follow the program – Mr. Starr was pretty explicit about NOT screwing around with it. It’s supposed to make muscle grow everywhere just as it is. This has bothered me since you first showed me this program last spring. I don’t know if it’s a legit concern or if I’m just addicted to the gym and need my fix everyday. For a couple weeks, I think I’m going to go with the “cardio/stretching/abs/calves on off days” plan. I do have couple of friends who will help me with the yoga. Pilates – that’s just too damn hard. God bless you, Martha, for taking that on. I hate swinging kettlebells, but I’d rather do that than pilates.


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