Inspiring Blogger Award…

Thank you to One Fit Mama, uberbeastmode, and Figure Girl..Wanna Be!! Wow. I’m humbled that you all nominated me for the Very Inpsiring Blogger Award. I’m so grateful to have found this community of passionate, intelligent and generous bloggers. Most people on a transformation journey aren’t surrounded by a lot of people on the same path. We bloggers have found each other from everywhere – I think that’s sort of amazing. So much support and encouragement to be found in this group! And it’s growing. Love that.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. List 7 things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 bloggers.

7 Things About Me:

1) I hated math in high school. Now, I teach it.

2) I never wear makeup. I think that’s why no one recognized me in stage makeup.

3) I’ve been adopted by a Chihuahua that wandered into our yard 3 years ago. Clearly a stray that was hungry and beat up. We named him Peanut. My husband says that Peanut thinks I’m his girlfriend. I’m NOT a Chihuahua person. He’s just a pretty damn cool dog. Never very far from me when I’m home.

4) I hate peas, beets, and Brussels sprouts.

5) I used to read before going to sleep. Now, I watch YouTube videos. Not just any videos. I like to watch the Hodge Twins, Omar Isuf, and Jenna Marbles. And before I can fall asleep, I have to run through the next morning’s lifting session in my head. Thinking about lifting calms me. And then I dream about lifting. I love my addiction.

6) We have 4 pets – Peanut (my boyfriend), Tippy (permanent puppy), Reptar (a lizard), and Bird (a parakeet).

7) I don’t discuss the 80’s. It’s classified.

I’m nominating these bloggers. Some are informative, some are sharing a personal journey, some are funny – all inspire me in different ways on different levels. Please visit them and get inspired, too.

1) Whatup Chickenbutt

2) My Enlightened Journey

3) from wine to weightlifting

4) Que274

5) Minimalist Workout By Tim

6) The Better Man Project

7) Healthdemystified

8) A Mover’s Blog

9) The 1savedbygrace’s Blog

10) weightohealth

11) Garagegym107

12) Seekfit

13) Lifeinthegym

14) Fat Then Fit Now

15) Squats for Breakfast


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4 responses to “Inspiring Blogger Award…

  1. uberbeastmode

    I agree, I think this group of people all with the same passion is very special and I’m so glad I found it!


  2. One Fit Mama

    Me too! Totally agree. You rock!


  3. Figure Girl Wanna Be

    We really have an awesome support system here! So thankful!!


  4. Awww, thanks Tammy!!! 🙂


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