ENOUGH Already!

Excuse #1: “I forgot my gym clothes.”  Not an excuse.  Flip tires in your underwear. Excuse #2: “I’m not strong enough to pick up a 400 pound tire.”  Not an excuse.  Find a strong man to lift it up for you.  You only have to hold it for a second while the picture is taken. Ummm – yeah.  She needs a couple of excuses.  Stupid.

70 pound dumbbells????  She has hair, implants, and abs.  Nothing on this model works with 70 lbs dumbbells – except maybe her boyfriend.

Rolling my eyes.

OK – rant over.  Thanks for your patience.




Oops!  I missed the classic “squat in a thong” picture…


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6 responses to “ENOUGH Already!

  1. One Fit Mama

    Lmao! Thanks for the giggle


  2. I think the fitspo world is a little out of control. Real girls don’t realize these people are models and they look a certain way because these situations they are in occur during a photo shoot.
    I am always disenchanted when I take pictures and videos of myself training because I don’t look anything like that – or even remotely sexy. I think if you look pretty when you lift, you’re probably doing something wrong.


    • GymRockStar

      Exactly. I pulled all these off Facebook. I understand why these pics exist. Just saw too many on one day and my patience was tested. I wouldn’t mind them as much if the person in the pic was actually CAPABLE of moving the weight. Although, I’m certain the chick in the last picture is capable of doing the Smith Machine squat – didn’t look like there was much weight on it. Of course, I might be the only one who looked at that picture and checked out the weight on the bar first.


  3. Haha, I am guilty of posting this sort of stuff, but it actually does motivate me.


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