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I will be making contributions on this page.  Soon, I hope to be doing online coaching with this business.  We are working out the details now.   I think most of it will be fitness nutrition coaching.  My “evil plan” is to grow a new career on the side slowly so I can retire from teaching in a few years.  Or sooner if it really takes off and/or if teaching becomes too stressful.  (I should blog about the changes that I think are going to push good people out of teaching – nah.  That’s no fun.)


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10 responses to “Favor Please?

  1. I gave it a like. Thanks for sharing the page!

  2. I went to the page and liked it. I got The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Dummies yesterday from B&N (with my educator discount!). Today I’m making the minestrone recipe from the book using my crockpot. I keep remembering you talking about food being the fuel we put into our bodies so we can only do as well as the food we eat (or something to that effect). See–you make an impression on people who aren’t your students too!

    • Thank Mary!! If you like that dish, I’d love to have the recipe to try and share. And thank you for the positive reinforcement. Sometimes I feel like I’m banging the same drum and people have tuned me out. I honestly feel like I’ve found the Fountain of Youth and I’m trying to drag people, kicking and screaming, to go drink from it.

  3. Yay yay yay… Full speed ahead!!

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