What’s Your Bodyfat Percentage?

Found this yesterday.  I think this is a good visual to show what different levels of body fat look like.  I didn’t have mine tested at the time, but I think I got down to around 15% for my competition.  With the tan, the water deplete, and some posing practice, I may have looked a little leaner in some of my pictures.  I like this visual because I think I’ve traveled through most of these boxes in the last three years.  I found the male version to share, too.


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10 responses to “What’s Your Bodyfat Percentage?

  1. One Fit Mama

    I soooo want to get down to that first box! I have no idea what I’m at.


  2. uberbeastmode

    Don’t really like the look of the first box for men or women personally. 2nd and 3rd are great.


    • Contest conditioning isn’t sustainable. I tried to get to 10% for my show because I competed in Women’s Physique. I think I only made it to 15%, but it was OK. I don’t think the woman next to me was leaner than me.


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