Training Update


Five weeks on 5 x 5

So far, so good.  I’ve been able to move everything on the spreadsheet the number of reps I’m supposed to move it.  I believe I’m grow some new muscle for two reasons…

1) Lifts are increasing.

2) Diana asks stuff like “What’s happening to your back?” during my weekly massages.  She’s been working on me for a year, so if she’s saying something, it means something is happening.

I’m still not hitting PR’s yet, but I’m plodding towards them.  What’s better, is that my form is holding up well as the weight is increased.  I’m pleased with the improvement in my bench form.  A year ago, I didn’t have full range of motion on that lift because of my stupid right shoulder impingement issue.  Now, every rep has a chest touch on the bottom.  (Right shoulder is still my weak spot, though.)  I like this program.  After the cutting and depletes for the show last August, I felt so small and weak.  It’s been about two months since the show and I’m on track to hit my old PRs with better form, with a smaller bod.  I’m about 10 pounds lighter than I was last January when I set my dead lift PR.

Here are the lifts and the heaviest weight at the end of Week 5 :

Squats: 160 lbs (PR with shitty form last year was 210, I think)

Bench: 100 lbs (PR was 115 with bad form.)

Bent Over Rows: 115 lbs

Dead Lifts: 195 lbs (PR was 220 from last winter.)

Overhead Press: 60 lbs


I started carb back-loading three days ago.  I read a few things, talked to a few people – pretty sure I’m not doing it exactly the way it’s supposed to be done, but things need to be individualized, right?  For example, the articles I found online about it say to eat high-glycemic foods that aren’t clean foods.  I really can’t do that.  I’m not completely sugar free, but limit my intake of unclean foods to once a week or twice a month.  I like eating clean.   So I’m doing it with sweet potatoes, rice, squash, raisins, and fruit.  I expected a water weight gain, and I got it.  Two pounds in two days.  Yesterday I drank more water.  This morning, the scale was back to the weight I was at before I started the carb back loading.  Ok – cool.  I’ll be sure to keep the water intake high.  I’ve been having trouble with that since summer anyway.

I feel like I haven’t explained everything, but I’ve got a lot to do – and honestly, I’m watching “Food Matters” on Netflix.  I’m fascinated by this documentary.  I don’t accept everything they say as fact, but it’s very interesting.


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10 responses to “Training Update

  1. uberbeastmode

    Glad to hear it’s going well! I’ve been reading about carb back loading myself lately. It’s interesting, but will probably be a while before I try. Eating the crap would be an issue for me too!


  2. Sounds interesting. I started Stronglifts 5×5 about 6 weeks ago and I am finding it to be a very good program as well and consistently increasing my weight lifted. In regards to carb-backloading – it seems to be the new fad right now doesn’t it? But from my reading I am not sure if it is a real program for ordinary lifters or a clever marking gimmick? Seems that their website is full of pictures of steroid users!


    • Carb back loading has been around for awhile. I saw some references online to Arnold speaking about it. Like I said, I’m doing my own thing. I’m eating the same amount of carbs, from the same sources, but I’m eating them at the end of the day. This reminds me of my contest prep, actually. Got up today, and the scale was down again. So after 4 days, I’m now a pound under where I was on day 1. Body needed some time to recalibrate, I guess.

      On a side note – “steriod users”? Kind of a hateful statement. If you choose not to use them, awesome. Also my personal choice. But I really don’t have an issue with it. A few wonderful people who are friends of mine – well, they made a different choice. After two years in this game, no one I interact with personally or online, including anyone seriously engaged with the lifestyle, seems to really give a shit about who is natural and who isn’t. We support each other because what we are doing is HARD – natural or not. We respect each other’s choices. Happy that you found my blog, but if you really have an issue with it and it’s important for you to talk about, move along.


  3. Gymrockstar do you do your heavy lifting in the AM or PM? I’m just curious to know how back loading would work for an AM lifter.


  4. I always think about carb-backloading.. I know Martha and Sam have had successes with it.. but I’ve honestly found I do more of a weekend-backloading.. Like 5 days of clean, with 2 days of less strict eating. I usually don’t go all-out but it’s like I do a refeed I guess. I don’t know, I’m no nutritionist 😉 But I have been putting on a little bit of weight in the past month, and I’m hoping it’s just from eating more and lifting more, and not my metabolism finally starting to slow down! 🙂

    Nice job on the overhead press.. I HATE that one.. it’s painful.. it makes me want to cry!


  5. Good post, LOVE that you’re a heavy lifter. Speaking of the shoulder impingement, that’s what I’ve been diagnosed with. What is your story? Did you get treatment? I had 1 cortisone shot (the only one I plan to get), which helped considerably, but I know it’s only a short-term solution and that I will eventually need to do something more. Still can’t bench press at all, but I’m hitting the overhead lifts well.


    • After my doc checked it and got an X-ray to rule out a serious injury, she recommended physical therapy. Couldn’t afford that, so I did the rehab myself from YouTube videos. And got yelled at a lot by the gym buddies when I wasn’t using full range of motion! It’s always going to hurt, but it seems like most lifters have something like this to deal with.


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