Check out this blogger. Looks like her program is very similar to many of my blogger buddies.


So I posted a few weeks ago about embarking on a new non-cardio experiment called Metabolic Finishers.  Apparently this is just another version of HIIT training, and not a new technique, but it was new to me.  It’s basically a few sets of Crossfit type moves performed at the end of a resistance training workout 2 times per week.  No other cardio.  I am entering week 3 now, and I’m hooked!  Not only have I noticed that my upper body has maintained its mass, I think I’ve even grown a little AND I am stronger.  My legs are a bit more defined, but not that noticeable yet.  I also weigh the exact same.  My hope is that I’ve lost some fat and gained a little muscle to keep that parity.

I will admit that the routine kicks my butt.  You’re supposed to time yourself, but I can’t get through all 99 reps without stopping. …

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  1. Thanks so very much for reading, and including my post here. I’d also like to thank, where this Finisher originated.


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