Another Reason Why Rest Days Suck

Yeah, sure.  Whatever.

Big bodybuilding competition this weekend.  I didn’t know anyone who competed in my division, but I was cheering on a couple Facebook friends who were competing in a different division.

I waited for the pictures to be posted online and then I looked at the women who earned their pro card in my division.  I’m such a novice, not near their level at all, but I look to get an idea about how far behind I am.  I started by looking at the pictures of the overall winner.  Oh gosh.  I’m not close at all.  Then the self talk starts…

“What the hell am I thinking?  I’m almost 51!  How can I possibly do this?”

“Maybe I can, but I should wait another year to compete again.”

“No, I should compete in June.  Need the experience.  Need to be realistic.  Women compete many times before they place, much less win.”

“Oh SHUT UP and train.  Can’t control what anyone else does anyway, can you?”

What really makes a rest day suck?  The mental gymnastics.  Most call it the ‘mental game’, but as you can see, I do a lot of flipping.

And then I looked at the pictures of the others.  The women who placed in the top five of their class, but didn’t win the overall.  OK – they aren’t so far ahead of me.  I’m not going to be that developed by June, but I will be there in a year or two.  I’ve been told repeatedly to NOT compare myself to others.  But I have to look.  I have to know that I’m not wasting my time, because I don’t have decades ahead of me in this sport.  I have to see something that makes me think – “yeah, I can do that”.

Point being – I’ve had this same conversation with myself for three years.  I’ve accomplished a lot despite my best attempts to talk myself out of it.  LOL!!  So I dare you – SHUT UP and do it anyway.  Don’t worry.  That little voice isn’t going anywhere.  You’ll probably have to ignore it again tomorrow.


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9 responses to “Another Reason Why Rest Days Suck

  1. Just so you know…I look at your pics and have the same thoughts “Will I be where Tammy is now by March?” 😉 Thanks for pulling me forward!


  2. What a difficult sport you’ve taken on. Where most sports are decided by fastest times, heaviest weights, most repetitions etc, you took on a sport where you are judged by proportion, tone, cuts and other asthetic factors, not to mention fitness and flexibility.
    For you to get on the stage, bare all, and display confidence in your routine speaks volumes about your mental strength.
    Keep up the hard work.


    • Thank you! That was a very eloquent way to describe it. I’m not sure I chose it or it chose me. Very grateful for the encouragement. It is a slow sculpting process when it has to be done inside out.


  3. Another reason off days suck that is worth mentioning is the lesser amount of food you get to eat if you’re dieting! LOL But listen here girl, my Mom is 52 and although she is thin, she has loose skin and isn’t toned at all. She goes to the gym but mostly does cardio. You look DAMN good and not only CAN you do this, you ARE doing it!


  4. Based on your stats it looks like you’ve reached competition level just THIS YEAR! Looking back from where you came, that is a major achievement! Mature muscle is where it’s at, and you have to carry it around and build on it for years (so I’m glad you’ve acknowledged that). You have to start somewhere, and you’re a hellauva lot braver than I am because I’ve NEVER been on that stage. SO you’d better keep at it because I’m counting on your continued inspiration!


  5. The Storriteller Post

    Ah, the Internal Voice. Good point. Tell them (and whoever created them–not you!) to take a hike. 🙂


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