Please forgive.  I want to write, but I have to use short sentences.

I think I hate how I’m doing carb back loading.  Based on my workout routine right now, I am low carb 4 days and I reload 3 days after lifting.

The mood swings are brutal.  Energy levels are mostly low.  I’m really tired.  Body is stressed and it’s showing up with a couple pimples and THREE sties right next to each other in my left eye.    I’ve gained a couple pounds, and I suspect that’s water from the reloads that happen after lifting.  (Lifts are going very well, so I know the reloads are doing what they are supposed to be doing.  It’s the rest of my life that is sucking on the low carb days.)  But I’m not leaning out like the program claims will happen.

Gave up and ate an apple.  It’s been about an hour since I started this post and I can feel the apple working it’s magic on my brain.

Chatted with a friend and have decided to tweak things a little bit before giving up on it.  I wasn’t paying attention to net carbs, just carbs.  I need more net carbs on my low carb days.  And what’s low carb for me, isn’t super low carb for others.  Learned last summer during contest prep that my metabolism needs them or it slows down.  I can see that with my Bodybugg.  My daily burns are down.  No surprise because I’m so tired.  Teaching from my chair with the Elmo instead of standing.

The Tweak:  I’m going to add in more high fiber carbs during my low carb periods.  Already munching on greens and nuts.  Lots of them.  Need more than that.  I think cherries, blueberries, and apples will need to come into the low-carb plan.  I’ll pay closer attention to net carbs, instead of just carbs.  Bump them up to 50 or 60 grams instead of the prescribed 30.  Don’t have a lot of options since I have to avoid grains.    I also have to drink more water.  Maybe 1.5 gallons.  That will help flush the water out that I’m holding.

Fun times.  Self-experimentation.

Yeah, this is how I “bulk”.  Not a whole lot different than how I cut.  Same food, but a little bit more so I’m eating slightly above maintenance.  I’m boring.

If you thought of something I missed, please share.  Looking for high fiber carbs that aren’t grains. Thought about lentils, but even the net carbs would be too high.


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4 responses to “Brain…not…working…

  1. I’m right there with you on the carb back loading. I literally feel bloated when my feet hit the floor in the morning. The interesting thing is I see the difference in the weights lifted. I’m getting stronger. I haven’t been as disciplined with my food prep and that’s costing me and I own it. One question I have for you, what percentage of your calories come from fat on your low carb days?


  2. I haven’t wholeheartedly tried the carb cycling (as my lifting bible calls it), but it does work for me. Personally I have found out that eating more fat to replace the missing carbs tends to help, and keeps me out of those catatonic carb-depleted stupors. HOWEVER, I’ve never trained for a competition, so what do I know? : )


    • You know what works for you. That’s really what anyone needs to figure out. Can’t expect things to work the same way for everyone. I eat the same number of calories, so the fat and protein are bumped up on my low carb days. I think I can still be low carb, not super-low carb.


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