Gym Pet Peeve

There they are. Those two guys are all belted up. Ready to work some upper body because its obvious they don’t work their legs – ever. They get all set up. Barbell is loaded with a lot of weight. Ready, set, start yelling …and do two partial reps. Rack it.

Idigits. The only things getting worked properly are their egos.

Do you have a gym pet peeve? 20121115-224513.jpg


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9 responses to “Gym Pet Peeve

  1. One Fit Mama

    Boo’s dad was like that – he used to burry his legs in the sand at the gym


  2. And the piece of chalk, while they leave chalk dust all over the floor and bar.


  3. The dude that loads multiple 45# plates on the bar and then does 4″ deep back squats and walks away leaving his 45# plates on the bar.


  4. speeding up a squat session because someone asks you how many more sets you have in the power rack when the gym is packed, only to have that someone use the power rack for barbell curls.


  5. We have several of those, all with the chi chi legs – love the photo! My biggest peeve is walking up to the hex deadlift bar loaded with 4 45-lb plates on each side. Are you kidding me?!?


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