Training Update

Week 8 of Madcow 5 x 5 has been postponed.

I changed my lift days from Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday to Monday, Wednesday, Friday this week to avoid the adjusted gym hours today, Thanksgiving Thursday.  To make it work, I needed to lift on Monday morning before work and that’s a change.  I’ve been lifting in the afternoons for the last couple weeks.  I think Monday morning was too soon.  I lifted on Saturday midday and I needed two rest days.

Monday morning’s workout started well.  I took my time warming up and stretching out.  Still in “box-squat-purgatory” and the first four sets went very well.  Started with warm up sets of 70# and 85#, then did 100# and 115#.  Felt strong.  So I decided to bump up to 130#.  On rep 1, I pulled a muscle in my right hip at the bottom of the rep.  I should have dropped the bar, but my stubborn ass self stood up.  Racked it and dropped the weight to 85#.  Couldn’t do that either.

I think I pulled the tensor fasciae latae (TFL) muscle.  It attaches to the top of the IT band.  Probably more than just that, too.  Diana worked it during my massage Monday night.  She dug in until she found it – or rather until I jumped off the table.  I’ve been icing, heating, massaging, and yesterday, I pulled out my TENS unit to use on it.  Doubled up the glutamine.  Trying not to use ibuprofen if I can help it.  I needed it the first day, but haven’t taken it since.

So that’s the end of the leg work for this week.  I did finish the rest of my planned workout that morning.  It was bench and rows.  I used the foam roll on the hip between sets.

Tuesday I did a little treadmill to get the blood flowing, then rolled and stretched.

Wednesday – treadmill, roll, stretch and then I did a whole bunch of shoulder work.  Didn’t even try to dead lift.  Tried to do leg extensions – no go.  Hit the pull directly.

Bench press is on track.  I haven’t hit a PR for bench, but I’m close and the form is better than it was when I hit that old PR.  Another two weeks and I’ll be there, I hope.   Barbell row and overhead press are on track.  Hit PR’s on both of those last week.

Cardio is also limited by this pull.  Can’t do step mill – it irritates the pull.  I’m stuck on the treadmill.  No HIIT, either.

Today, Thanksgiving – total rest day.  Slept in until 9 am.  Ate and watched movies.  It feels a lot better, but I’m not going to test it.  More rest for the hip.

I’m going to lift again tomorrow.  I’ll probably do bench and row.  Do arms and some ab work that won’t bother the hip.  And roll and stretch.  Roll and stretch.  I really think it’s smart to leave it be until next week.  After tomorrow, I will not lift again until next Monday afternoon.


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13 responses to “Training Update

  1. Are you aware of the Bill Starr Rehab protocoll as popularized by Mark Rippetoe? I could not find a working link to his site, but this one seems ok to me:

    Never had to use it myself yet, but it seems logical to me.


  2. uberbeastmode

    Sorry to hear, injuries suck! Make sure you get it better and start light before you jump back into heavy again. You’ll be back at it soon enough!


  3. seekfit

    Sorry to hear about your injury! I had something very similar happen to me in the beginning of October. I rested the lower half of my body, foam rolled and stretched. It helped a lot and I’m a 100% better now. Stretching the hip flexors helped a lot too.

    Hope it heals quickly! Take care.


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