Bugg Be Gone!

Just dropping by for a quick post.  Work is beyond busy right now as the Christmas break approaches.  Final exams will be a couple weeks after we get back from break.  I need to write exams and get my grading caught up.  (Stack of papers to grade was almost a foot tall.)

Hip feels better.  I still haven’t gotten the OK to get back to the 5 x 5.  I know I’m taking the last week of December off, so I don’t think I’ll be back on it until January at the earliest.

Too much going on.  Too much.  For the first time in 3 1/2 years, I have not been able to keep up with my food logging.  It’s really not a big deal because I’m eating the same stuff.  Still weighing and measuring.  Logging has been useful only to track my macros.  Today I decided to just let the logging go.  I took off the BodyBugg.  I’m going to take a break from all the tracking until it’s time to start my cut.  I think that will be mid-January.

It’s not much, but it is a mental break.  I’ll just handle things the old mysterious way most people do.  Watching the mirror and watching the scale.  I probably have to be more worried about not eating enough than eating too much.  All I want to do for the next month is GROW.  I’m kind of curious to see how I do with my data.


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8 responses to “Bugg Be Gone!

  1. Sometimes it’s just so nice to get “unplugged” and not have to track and over-analyze everything.. hope you have a great holiday season, Tammy!


  2. Que

    I hear a lot about logging on FB well see a lot about it but anyways, I had said I would try it the first of the year. Also I wake up sometimes with the taste for a salad, is it a good idea to have salad for breakfast….. Your advice will be helpful.


    • Sure, why not? We have traditions about what to eat when, but it doesn’t really matter from a nutrition standpoint.


      • Que

        Cool thanks, I’m having another craving this very moment. I don’t understand it, and yes you’re right we think we can only have certain things for b’fast who really sets the rules. I have been eating salads like crazy this past week. I’m going to see how its paid off. TY!!


        • I had a hard time adjusting to the “breakfast” thing. For show prep, breakfast turned into chicken and green beans! Eggs go away a few weeks prior because they cause a little bloating.


  3. I’ve stopped logging on a daily basis too. My weight is still dropping, slowly, and I’m still making gains in the gym, and my measurements are still doing what I want them to do. But food-wise, I’ve become very habitual, so I only bother logging when it’s an unusual day.

    If I start to go in the wrong direction, I might have to start logging again. And I’ll probably log over the Christmas season, because otherwise the “extras” might be a problem if I don’t. But things are going well 🙂


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