I’d like to introduce you to my hubby. He’s blogging about the beginning of his fitness adventure. Please say “hi” and introduce yourself, blogger buddies! Thanks!!

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Today is Jan. 2, 2013. It’s the first day of a 21-day program to establish new habits in my life and transform my lifestyle to become more healthy and fit.Image

My wife, Tammy M. White, is a bodybuilder and personal trainer and is helping train me at American Iron Gym in Reno, where she works out.

What all is involved in this transformation? Primarily, it will be three weeks of changing my old habits and replacing them with new ones: Eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting out of the house more, blogging and loosing at least 10 pounds in the process, if not more.

I will be taking a before picture, along with all of my body measurements etc. and track my progress, moods, aches and pains, whatever I feel is important.

It is my intention to show that anyone can do this. I chose 21 days because it’s a manageable…

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  1. One Fit Mama

    Hello to Tammy’s husband. You’re certainly a lucky man. Can’t wait to read about your experience. Good Luck!


  2. This is so timely for many of us and especially me. I am beginning that “I have reached the end of my rope and I need to change” phase and totally understand the power of the 21 days. Tammy, I will be taking you up on your “questions” offer. Had a setback on the second day of my journey. Major headache, high blood pressure and major ear ringing with dizziness. I thought the worst and was scared out of my mind. Hesitantly took my bp and it was 160 over 98…high for me and scary. Went to work, dizzy, sick and very scared and by noon, went to an urgent care clinic. Automatic cuff pain gave me a reading of 192 over 111, they retook it manually and it was back “down” to 160. long story, short…vertigo. I was never so relieved to hear that word. I just could not believe that my 6 carb/protein meals and 8 glasses of water could shock my body that much! Anyway, today nothing has changed physically, but my attitude and mind did a 360. What major wake up call and it actually spurs me on. thank you for the fit of your blog and now your husbands. Good luck to us all!


    • Wow. You’re scare sounds very similar to mine. I wonder sometimes how I was able to live the way I was living for as long as I did. When I consider how good I feel now, I mean.

      And Yay you!! Don’t quit!! Time is relative. Keep moving forward no matter how slow it seems.


  3. I meant to say…thank you for the GIFT of your blog.


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