Shoulders Today

I’m taking a rest week next week.  Supposed to do that every so often  I’ve been told and have read different things about what “every so often” means.  I think it means twice a year or whenever I feel like I’m going backwards*.  I decided it would be next week.  That’s the week before final exams.  I have a ton of work to do, so it’s a good week for a rest from lifting.  So this week, I’m counting down the workouts I have left and getting a little sadder as the number goes down.

*Backwards = forward progression is not consistent.  A few things are working, most aren’t.  I feel beat up.

Today was shoulders.  My least favorite workout.  Always a little pain with this one.  Pretty good chance of getting hurt if I’m not careful.  So the power tunes were on.  Focus was engaged.  Visualized the lifts I wanted to do before I did them.  Especially the heavier ones.   And for the heavy overhead press, I imagined someone standing behind me screaming at me like the boys do when they get all fired up.  It worked.  By the time I finished the first two exercises, my gimpy shoulder was hurting a little, so I went light for the rest of the workout.  It happens.  Not injured.  And I’ve got that rest week coming up.

I use an app called Gym Buddy on my iPhone and it lets me email sets data.  A few months ago, I started to post my workouts, but it got to be a little labor intensive – same problem everyone else has, too.  But I’ll try to do it again.  I emailed the sets data to myself and cut and pasted it here.


Shoulders Today

1/3/13  Overhead Press in Shoulders
3:02:17 PM  45 x 10
3:02:18 PM  45 x 10
3:05:25 PM  55 x 10
3:09:15 PM  65 x 5
3:16:46 PM  75 x 4
3:26:19 PM  85 x 1
3:33:11 PM  85 x 1

1/3/13  DB Shoulder Press in Shoulders
3:33:34 PM  20 x 10
3:38:36 PM  25 x 10
3:40:22 PM  30 x 10
3:49:13 PM  35 x 9
4:00:37 PM  25 x 8

1/3/13  Cable Front Raise in Shoulders
4:00:49 PM  5 x 10
4:00:50 PM  5 x 10

 4:04:31 PM  5 x 10

1/3/13  Cable Lateral Raise in Shoulders
4:01:08 PM  2.5 x 15
4:01:15 PM  2.5 x 15
    4:04:36 PM  2.5 x 15

1/3/13  DB Rear Fly in Shoulders
4:01:34 PM  10 x 10
4:01:35 PM  10 x 10
4:04:25 PM  10 x 10

1/3/13  Machine Lateral Raise in Shoulders
4:13:29 PM  20 x 10
4:13:36 PM  25 x 10

4:14:27 PM  25 x 10

1/3/13  Pec Dec Rear Delt Fly in Shoulders
4:13:45 PM  50 x 10
4:13:49 PM  50 x 10
4:16:38 PM  60 x 10

1/3/13  Cable Shrugs in Shoulders
4:27:57 PM  160 x 20
4:28:02 PM  180 x 20
4:28:08 PM  200 x 20

1/3/13  Face Pulls in Shoulders
4:28:21 PM  60 x 10
4:28:23 PM  60 x 10
4:28:28 PM  70 x 10



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6 responses to “Shoulders Today

  1. Jayne Bassett

    Thank you Tammy! This is great info. Although I can’t follow your shoulder routine exactly (that torn labrum in my shoulder I told you about)…I’m looking forward to seeing exactly how you structure your workouts. Currently I can “pull” not “push”…so I’m limited in that and and my range of motion. No guarantee surgery will fix it…so I’m just gong to make do. I’m going to try this workout with lighter weight (obviously…ha!) I certainly won’t get the awesome results you do…but I still want to see what results I can get! I hope you have a restful week off! You are amazing!


    • Thanks! Please be careful. I do a lot of sets for shoulders, but that’s just me. Some of those exercises were super sets (2 exercises done back to back before rest) and giant sets (3 or more exercises back to back). It’s the only way I feel any kind of pump in my shoulders.


  2. Ouch and more ouch.
    Killer OHP though.
    I’m impressed 🙂


  3. I’m glad you mentioned rest – taking a week off. I learned that the hard way! It’s amazing the results that occur when you take a week off.


    • Thank you for reminding that I reminded you that it’s a good idea! Hahahaha! Today is day 1 and I’m “negotiating” with myself about what I can do. I’m going to be a very difficult person to be around if I don’t get to move.


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