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Exercise has become a four-letter word in many people’s vocabulary because it is equated with hard work, boring workouts and eating like a canary. That’s probably why we all have an aversion to it.

293682_459480324116746_1739075046_nOne of the things I’ve been doing is redefining exercise and giving myself credit for being active and moving my body in ways that are beneficial to my health.

Exercise doesn’t always have to mean that you put on your favorite sweat pants, a T-shirt extolling that you are a ‘gym rat,’ and donning a new pair of running shoes. Exercise can be simple things that you include in your life such as vacuuming, gardening, walking, doing yard work and, yes, even having sex.

In my 21-day program to better health and fitness habits, I have been thinking a lot about why I tend to avoid ‘workouts.’ In general, I think, none of us try to…

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