Seems like a good day to share this blog from last April. If bodybuilding is not your thing, read this with your personal goal in mind.

Lifting My Spirits

I’ve known about the Law of Attraction for several years.  It takes a little practice to establish the habit of using it, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

The law of attraction says that what we think about with strong emotion will manifest itself in our lives.  This works positively or negatively.  I think almost all of us will naturally think about the things we don’t want as our first thoughts.  These are the things we worry about.  It takes some discipline to refocus your energy to be positive.

I know I get distracted and don’t stay positive.  Probably the most dramatic lapse of control over my thoughts started last summer. The situation I was most afraid of happening with respect to my training was the thing I thought about the most.  Losing my trainer.  Guess what happened?  Yeah.  Exactly that – only the situation manifested itself…

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