January 25, 2012 Workout

It’s been a tough, tough week.  On Monday morning, I pulled a muscle in my back doing deadlifts.  On Tuesday, it felt OK, but the day was a little stressful, sleep was a little short, so on Wednesday at 3 am, it flared up in a major way.   I got my chest workout done Wednesday am, but skipped the the bicep workout that afternoon so I could get home, eat dinner, and go to bed.  Slept 11 hours that night.  My pain level was cut in half just from the rest.  Yesterday, Thursday, I didn’t workout at all and had a massage in the afternoon.  It was not a relaxing massage.  It was therapeutic and Diana used a ton of BioFreeze on my back.  She said there were knots all up and down it.

This morning, still had pain, but did my shoulder workout.  Last week’s shoulder workout was too long.  Too many sets.  Since my back is still sore, I chose exercises that I knew wouldn’t put too much stress on it.

1/25/13  DB Shoulder Press in Shoulders
5:42:06 AM  15 x 10
5:42:09 AM  20 x 10
5:45:18 AM  20 x 10
5:48:27 AM  25 x 10
5:58:01 AM  30 x 7  Right shoulder started to wobble too much

1/25/13  Shoulder Cable Super Set in Shoulders
5:58:36 AM  Cable Front Raise: 5 x 12  Cable Lateral Raise: 5 x 10  DB Rear Fly: 10 x 10
6:01:50 AM  Cable Front Raise: 7.5 x 10  Cable Lateral Raise: 5 x 10  DB Rear Fly: 10 x 10  Too much after 7 reps
6:08:42 AM  Cable Front Raise: 7.5 x 10  Cable Lateral Raise: 5 x 10  DB Rear Fly: 12.5 x 10

1/25/13  Face Pulls in Shoulders
6:12:27 AM  50 x 15
6:12:40 AM  70 x 12
6:16:29 AM  80 x 10
6:16:31 AM  100 x 10
6:20:53 AM  110 x 10

1/25/13  Cable Shrugs in Shoulders
6:22:50 AM  140 x 20
6:24:12 AM  160 x 15
6:26:21 AM  180 x 12
6:28:26 AM  200 x 15

This afternoon, I was back at the gym for a leg workout.  My back was sore.  My hip was sore.  I had no idea what I was going to do.  My normal leg routine would hurt my back too much.  While I was stretching, I texted Coach for advice.  He replied that he wanted me to do 400 body weight squats, 200 lunges, then leg press, leg extention, and leg curl.  WTH?  I clarified that my back hurt and I didn’t think I could handle that.  So he said I could do 300 squats and 150 lunges before I did the other stuff.  Seriously??  After a few minutes of thinking he’s nuts and I am getting too old for this – I just started the squats.  Boom.  100 done in one set.  OK.  This might just work.  Crazy, CRAZY plan.  Might as well go for it, huh?

(FYI – times listed are not accurate. I entered the whole workout while I as resting between the leg extension sets.)

1/25/13  Body Weight Squats  – 4 sets of 100 reps, 60 second rests

1/25/13  Body Weight Lunges – 4 sets of 50 reps, 2 sets per leg

1/25/13  Leg Press – Waterfall Sets
5:48:19 PM  90 x 20
5:48:27 PM  90 x 19
5:49:04 PM  90 x 18
5:49:07 PM  90 x 17
5:49:10 PM  90 x 16
5:49:12 PM  90 x 15
5:49:14 PM  90 x 14
5:49:17 PM  90 x 13
5:49:19 PM  90 x 12
5:49:22 PM  90 x 11
5:49:24 PM  90 x 10
5:49:28 PM  90 x 9
5:49:30 PM  90 x 8
5:49:33 PM  90 x 7
5:49:35 PM  90 x 6
5:49:37 PM  90 x 5
5:49:39 PM  90 x 4
5:49:42 PM  90 x 3
5:49:45 PM  90 x 2
5:49:47 PM  90 x 5

1/25/13  Leg Extension
5:49:53 PM  60 x 10
5:50:23 PM  75 x 10
5:52:03 PM  90 x 10

1/25/13  Leg Curl
6:12:06 PM  30 x 10
6:12:09 PM  30 x 10
6:12:14 PM  30 x 10
6:12:21 PM  30 x 10
6:12:23 PM  30 x 10

Amazing, amazing leg workout. Almost 800 reps.  Nothing heavy, but an unbelievable pump in my quads and hamstrings.  I finished that workout almost 3 hours ago and my legs are still tingling and burning.  The endorphin rush was INTENSE.

I had already planned to do the waterfall sets of leg press, leg extension, and curls.  I really didn’t think I could do those squats and lunges D told me to do first.  But I did.  Usually, I’m pretty self-motivated, but today, I was hurting.  It was very nice to have a person believe in my ability more than I believed in it myself.  It’s very nice to have someone to trust like that again.  An excellent trainer, a wonderful coach, and a good friend.  Very grateful.

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7 responses to “January 25, 2012 Workout

  1. Wow my quads are shaking just thinking about that many squats and lunges. Great job!!!!

    • Just got up. Legs are still pumped. I’m not sure what the DOMS on this are going to be like. Back feels a lot better though. Might be less inflamed just because all the blood is in my legs!

  2. That’s a whole lotta legs there woman!! Ha! Awesome job getting through it though. 🙂

  3. Very awesome! Such a fantastic feeling to be able to do something you didn’t think you could do. Actually something I plan on writing about soon. Great job!

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