Deb found this and posted a comment. I forgot about this blog. This is one of my favorites. When I look at the date, I remember how rough this time was me. A lot of confusion and hurt. My future in bodybuilding was in serious doubt. My “rug” had been pulled out from under me. Trust was broken. And then guess what happened? The Universe changed around me. Damn – I was right. Wow.

Lifting My Spirits

If it is important, STAND UP.
Stand firm.
Take the blows, the cheap shots, the slaps to your integrity.
Let them question your motives.  Let your character be questioned.
Allow your ego to be bruised.
Stand firm.
Don’t ignore the pain – feel it, but don’t collapse under it.
Take it all in.  Absorb the negativity and transform it into a spark that lights a fire in your soul.
If it’s important to you, STAND FIRM.
Be patient.
It will hurt, but you will heal.
Be the immovable object.
Be a rock.
Root yourself like a redwood.
If you KNOW you are right, you aren’t being stubborn, you are being STRONG.
Be patient.
The Universe will change around you.

That’s how you do it.


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