These pictures floating around on the Internet enrage me.

Why be catty?  Why be mean?  Why diss the athletes on the left to make a point? The images on the right are as likely to cause body image issues,unhealthy diets, and cardio abuse, as much as they may inspire good health.

This kind of “fitspo” crap also makes me nuts…

Here’s a quiz… if you are a legit lifter, you should be able to identify at least 3 things wrong with this picture.

Let it rip…

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17 responses to “Disrespect

  1. Brenda Cochran

    The first three things that jump out at me are this:
    1. I would never leave my hair untied
    2. I would never wear an outfit like that
    3. If I am pulling a 70lb dumbell I would be using straps and not holding them like that because I would probably injure myself!

  2. I like this post. If women are still gullible enough to believe in falsities like this, I’m not even sad for them anymore – I’m over it.
    The body builders on the left busted their asses to get where they are. If that’s not your cup of tea, so be it. The people that monger this fitspo silliness are clueless. What happened to accepting everybody no matter how they look, and it’s what’s on the inside that counts? I personally have a feeling the ladies on the left are just as decent human beings as the one on the right – they just have different personal goals.
    Way to go Tammy speaking your mind 🙂

  3. It’s funny that you bring up this topic because I’ve been getting REALLY irritated lately at the DUMB, RUDE comments people make on certain female pictures on FB… Now, the gal on the far right is Jamie Eason who is in amazing shape & one of my “idols” in fitness – some people even say that SHE looks too muscular!!! (rolling my eyes)
    However, Dana Linn Bailey who I absolutely love, looks similar to the 2nd gal from the left… she gets slaughtered by people saying really nasty, mean things about her… they say she’s ugly or that she looks like a man or too muscular, etc… I met her in person & went to a seminar she put on – she is GORGEOUS & has worked VERY hard for the physique she has. If I could look like anyone, I’d choose to look like her. 😉

    As for the goofy modeling pic (although she’s in nice shape too):
    1. I would NEVER workout in a bikini… sugar pulleeeease!
    2. I don’t ever workout without my lifting gloves (and use hooks or straps when needed)
    3. Obviously photoshopped – there is NO WAY she is casually standing there holding 70s in each hand…
    4. She probably does crossfit 😉 (haha, I’m probably about to get in big trouble with that comment!)
    5. It’s obvious that she does crossfit because she’s using improper form (ok, now I’ll probably get lynched…. haha!)
    6. The hair?? Again, puullleeease…. I don’t ever look “pretty” when I workout… I’m there to WORK, not impress anyone by looking or smelling good (yeah, I said that too)

    I’d better stop… 😉

  4. It’s the outfits in those photos that get me. Especially the ones in heels and hot pants – because, yeah, *every* bodybuilder trains in heels and hot pants.

    I know I do. Always. Don’t you.

    I also always get a full beauty makeup, wear a teeny tiny bikini top, and remember to pout at every opportunity.

    These things are important, ya know 😉

  5. Melanie

    That pic has a beautiful girl w. hard earned figure to boot, all of those posted do. I identify it w.photography only b.c true lifters would have all that hair tied up, she isn’t even breaking a sweat, no gloves that I can see, obv.70’s are a prompt, and finally, why the underwear??? LOL, the girls would def be falling out!

  6. Melanie

    And to me the Most obvious tell tell sign…. The FACE!
    I have a really, prob scary, beast mode face! Ya would have to be pulling the face to lift TWO 70’s!!!

  7. Kendra

    I see nothing wrong with this…I always curl my 70s in my bikini….is that bad?? (Baaaaahaaaa)

  8. I have to weigh in on this (pun intended). Generally I am one of only a handful of women who use the weightroom properly…those in skimpy outfits do not. (OMG look at me) I laugh now when it happens. Honestly, I hit that room confident. I chin and dip there and lift heavy for my 126 pounds I busted my ass off to achieve at 44. I get the head nod from these guys when I enter. That’s respect. I don’t want to be oogled.

  9. Gender stereotypes have been around forever. I HATE it when we put limits on our potential because we are worried about whether we will be “appealing”. If each woman felt secure enough to be whatever, then it wouldn’t matter. There is nothing new here. It’s still the “airbrushed” model phenomenon that we thought we all rallied against. Only now, she is allowed to have some abs – but no quads, biceps, pecs, or delts to match those abs. Because of societal pressure to be “appealing”, an entire division of competitive bodybuilding is being eliminated. It’s sad.

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