Reality Check

Over the last few weeks, my ego has taken quite a few blows. Coach has been pushing me hard.

There have been two brutal leg workouts. The second was worst than the first. It started with flipping a 300 lb tire 24 times. That was amazing. I was in tears toward the end of it and wanted to quit.

Today was a back workout. I didn’t expect it to be too bad since my back workouts are solid. I was grateful that he wanted to do deadlifts. But it wasn’t fun. He didn’t like my form. So we had to work on my lift off from the floor. The weight was very light. My starting position was sitting on a low platform normally used for box squats. I couldn’t get the technique down at all. Over and over and over again. So frustrating. At one point I kicked the barbell off the platform.

There were 18 more sets of back work after that. Pushing me hard all the way through. When we were into the second hour, which is a lot longer than a normal session, but not unusual for how he works with me, I asked a question…

“Why are you working with me this long?” “Because you are worth it.” was his reply.

I have to unlearn and relearn so much stuff. So grateful Coach is willing to invest his time in me.

There aren’t many who have the drive and discipline to train like a bodybuilder. People make fun of us and make rude comments about how we look. This is harder to do than you can imagine. It’s a 24/7 activity. Everything about your day is planned to support this training. All meals and sleep time are training components. So when he said “because you’re worth it”, I felt validated. Even as I feel like I’m starting over. I will leave my ego in the locker and allow him to break me down and build me back up.



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4 responses to “Reality Check

  1. Jayne Bassett

    You are so brave Tammy! We all know that 100% of the haters couldn’t live a day in yours shoes. Those of us who understand what you are doing have nothing but respect and awe for your dedication and accomplishments. Your trainer knows you…knows what you are capable of…and I am sure his priority is your ultimate health and fitness. He believes in you…and those of us who look to you as our spark…our inspiration believe in you too. You are a winner because you inspire all of us to live healthier, fitter lives! Kick Ass Girlfriend! You are “Titanium” (my favorite workout song when I’m feeling less than 100%!).


  2. Awesome post. Just what I needed to read. I am in the middle of my rebuild phase, and my ego has been getting hammered lately as well having to explain why I am lifting lighter than I was a year ago to my buddies who are lifting weights I have yet to lift. It has been a hard thing to bite the bullet and start over and not scrap the plan and lift like I want to.
    Keep up the hard work, and living as an example for others to learn from.

    thanks again.


  3. Colin DeWaay

    Good for you. Checking your ego at the door is definitely something bodybuilders need to do. Get through this tough part and you’ll come out the other side so much better because of it! Keep keeping on!


  4. Keep rocking girl! Not many understand why we do what we do, but know that your peers do 🙂 Theres nothing like training your body to its very core…and feeling like you’d rather die each step of the way, its so painful lol. Hard work, dedication, sacrifice, thats all she wrote…nice work!


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