And just like that, things can change…

On Monday, I was fierce. Laser beams coming out of my eyes fierce.

By the end of the day on Tuesday, I started thinking about postponing my next competition for… up to another year? Probably not. Just a bad day.

Sciatic pain down my right leg made my ankle feel like it was sprained.  I was limping.  Diana blocked off a 90 minute spot for a massage on Tuesday.  I postponed my Wednesday am workout so I could sleep in.  I didn’t want to go to the gym.  That’s very unusual.  The massage helped – I wasn’t limping as much.  But by the time I went to bed Wednesday night, I felt like I had been in a car accident.

Today is Thursday.  I felt better so I did the workout this morning that I missed yesterday.   Dropped all the weights – a deload.  Spent a lot of time foam rolling and stretching.  Diana got me in again late this afternoon for another hour.  Both legs were knotted up.

Last November, I pulled something in my right hip.  Probably the psoas or iliacus from how it felt, but the piriformis seems to be causing the trouble right now.  Healing has been slow.  I don’t know what triggered the nerve to screw up my whole leg.


I’m not sure how this is going to impact my training.  I’m 12 weeks out and it feels like things are not going to go as planned.  I really don’t know how long it will be before I can do cardio.  Or what kind of cardio I will be able to do, for that matter.  The body is under stress.  I’m feeling it everywhere, but I also can tell that it’s not serious.  It’s just really annoying.  I want to push through it, but I also want to heal.  I doubt I’m going to heal quickly no matter what I do.

I’ll be OK.  I have a great support system.  I’m not willing to risk hurting myself for a competition, but I don’t think I’m derailed just yet.  Not derailed.  Just annoyed.


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10 responses to “And just like that, things can change…

  1. I’m sorry to hear you are in pain. I hope it works itself out soon.


    • Deborah Miles

      I deal with sciatic because I have a bulging limbar disc between 4 & 5, which has totally changed the way i work at
      the gym.


  2. Adam Burroughs

    Hang in there. Being hurt sucks.


  3. Hope it all works out for you and that you can find a way to heal the nerve. Sciatica is a “pain”. I totally agree with what you wrote “I am not going to risk hurting myself for a competition”. You are still successful even if you do not compete in this current event.


  4. Here’s to speedy healing! Just remember all that you have achieved thus far and know that you will be back at it soon enough. Can’t let the machine break down. 🙂 Heal first, then kill it!


  5. Tracy

    I don’t know if this in formation will help, but I find when I am stressed, compressed nerves and pain become more intense.
    I usually have to work out what is making me feel stressed/anxious and deal with that side of things to help heal faster.
    I still stretch etc, as the injuries are real, but I am always amazed at how my thoughts and feelings cause a lot of muscle tension.
    Sending ‘relaxing’ thoughts your way!


  6. Yikes. Total bummer. Sorry to hear it!!I am a massage therapist and sciatic pain is something I see a lot. Massage helps hang in there and take care of yourself. Training can wait.


  7. Patti

    I have had piriformis issues for almost a year now. Just finally back to running (only 2 or 3 miles before I start getting twinges). It is a slow healing process. Be gentle with yourself. Sitting on pillows helped when chairs cut my leg at a funny place. Ibuprofen, ice and time. I am seeing an ART chiropractor – that helped too. My thoughts are with you.


  8. Colin DeWaay

    Pulling for you Tammy! I know you’ll do the right thing when the time comes and you figure out what it is. Hope you start feeling better!


  9. Yuck, Tammy!! It’s a bummer that you can do so many things just so right (properly train, are properly coached, etc.) yet the body still wants to fight back sometimes.

    I am really hoping whatever this is gets back to normal soon! I know the gym is your life and it takes such an emotional toll when you can’t get at it!


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