2 Days Out!

Sorry – I have been busy, but I’ve been documenting the process. During my rest week, I’ll try to write and share more. Made a video for you instead. I like the idea of videos anyway. Maybe I should learn how to make good ones and grow my YouTube channel??


June 20, 2013 · 12:45 pm

7 responses to “2 Days Out!

  1. AWESOME GYM! Hardcore to the max! Enjoy the carb up! 🙂


  2. Very cool! I love the video! And I like how at the end you say it is not good to sing in the car because it can be dehydrating. Bodybuilding is wild. Hope the carb depleting goes well!


  3. Tammy, I loved watching that video of you and the gym tour. One, can’t tell that you don’t wear makeup (like you mentioned to me on FB). You have a beautiful smile. Two, the gym looks awesome. Three, I totally dig your workout clothes. And four, you look so YOUNG!! (and I see that from the inside out, too!). Best of luck to you for your show!


  4. Colin DeWaay

    Awesome gym! I suddenly hate my gym, thanks for that.


  5. Looking fab…have an awesome show Saturday Tammy.


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