Don’t Forget

Garagegym 107 is one of my favorite bloggers. This post is excellent. I was moved.


As I make the decision to take my training and nutrition to the next level I often forget where I started.  It usually takes a conversation with someone I’m meeting for the first time to gently remind me of how far I’ve come.

I’ve got “battle scars” both mentally and physically related to all the weight gain.  There will always be the potential that I will be disappointed when I get to the next level but I’ll deal with that down the road IF need be.

There is no sense setting myself up for failure before I even start.  You see, I see that all the time.

Some women see photo’s like:



My friend Michelle


Lifting My Spirits

And they instantly start saying “that’s impossible”, “that’s photo-shop”, “that’s not the same person as the before” and those are nice comments.

After Lifting My Spirits recently competed in…

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