Videos of Workouts this Week

I thought it might be a time saver to do make videos instead of writing.  But my videos have been boring.  Just me talking to my iPhone.  Last week, I got an iPad mini  and bought the iMovie app.  Pretty nifty little app.  I wanted to have the capability of using multiple clips so I could make more videos of my actual workouts.  These are the first two videos I made with my new tech toy.

I was in my home office doing the voice over for this one and I needed to be quiet.  That’s why I sound like I’m doing commentary at a golf match.


Did bleachers this morning – 30 minutes.  Back and forth the entire set of bleachers a few times.  Big steps up the seats and quick steps up the stairs.  I wasn’t moving very fast.  I think I should have been playing a faster song.  I did download the William Tell Overture after we saw the Lone Ranger movie the other day.  I should have played that.  I would have galloped up those stairs.  Hahahaha!

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4 responses to “Videos of Workouts this Week

  1. As someone who is just beginning my journey, these videos are priceless. I watch them as soon as you post. Saying is one thing, but watching is so great for me. Thank you for your generosity!

  2. Liz

    Very different from the standard gym training…what are the pros and cons you’re discovering about it?

    • Good question. I’ve only done it twice, but I have a couple ideas. First, I think I’m going to get a little bored doing the same workout three times a week. I also need to be careful about over eating – this is a pretty taxing workout. But I’m hoping for a dramatic change in my conditioning. I’ve never trained for power before and that’s a component of this. I also hope for a change in my mental game. I think I’ll become mentally tougher.

  3. I’m loving your videos! Power UP!!

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