Unintended Rest Week #2

Strong woman meet was two weeks ago today.  I’m still feeling like this…

At the beginning of this week, my back was still hurting in that “this isn’t really a good pain” sort of way, so I let life interfere with my plans.  I only got to the gym twice – one workout for chest and another for shoulders.  I didn’t even want to workout, and since that is rare, I decided it must mean I shouldn’t.   I put in more time at school than I normally do.  I slept in a little.  I came home earlier than usual.  Every day, I was sooooo tired and just wanted to come home and go to bed.  And HUNGRY!!!   The back recovery’s been taking a toll on my whole system.

Diana, my masseuse/muscle therapist, worked me over again on Tuesday – the second massage since the strongman competition.  She said there was still a lot of ‘issues’ in my back.    And somehow, my traps turned into rocks over the previous week.  Weird.  I did nothing.  Maybe the ‘issues’ were working their way up?

It was a great week, though.  Last weekend, I finished up that nutrition certification I’ve been working on for a year.  I was allowed three attempts at the exam and needed a 70% passing rate – I got 94% on the first try.  Boom!  I had amazing interactions with students, colleagues, and clients.  My personal program may be in limbo, but the part of me that gets to help other people be awesome feels more accomplished today.

I’m sharing this video with you because you encourage me.  If you ever need a pep talk, this is a good one.

By Thursday, I started to feel it again – those little butterflies of restlessness about getting back to the gym.  Now I’m ready.  Still resting until Monday because life works better when I coordinate things.

Before Monday, there is a stack of homework to be graded, a fridge with food to prep, several loads of laundry to do, client matters to attend to, and I need to design a new program for myself to start.  

Instead of doing any of that, I’m writing.  When I don’t make time to write, I get anxious.  I write to nail down my thoughts.  It still astounds me that any of you read it.  And when you tell me it helps you, that’s a bonus.  But it’s hardly ever about that.  It’s just how I process what’s going on in my head.  Maybe someday I’ll have time to research more and be a proper fitness blogger.  Or not.  I’ll probably always be working on something else.  I had this great idea for a  book about a year ago…

I’ll update the blog about my new program when I figure it out.  Right now, I’m leaning towards German Volume Training.  I want something simple, but with variety of exercises.  After 8 weeks of high intensity work (really heavy, low reps), this program feels like the right direction to go for a bit.  Well, actually, doing NOTHING was the right direction to go for a bit.


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6 responses to “Unintended Rest Week #2

  1. Colin DeWaay

    That’s a key sign of overreaching or overtraining or being close to it and needing a deload anyway. For someone like you to not want to train that is. Smart to listen to your body. Oh and don’t you worry if there is one thing GVT is, is intense! 😉


  2. I feel like I can relate to you with writing. I don’t feel anxious when I don’t write, but it is a way to process my thoughts. I also had food to prep and student work to grade this weekend. Blah. But hey, our district has Friday off!


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