Seriously? I’m Going to Do What?? Aren’t I too Old for That?

Overhead squats.

All kinds of discomfort!! But it’s going to be good for me, right?  It’s going to fix my back squats, right??

This is what they are supposed to look like…


And here is my first week of squatting with a PVC pipe…

I’m a little impatient.  I want to learn this exercise, but I also want to move enough weight to build muscle.  I’m frustrated AND impatient, I guess.  The last time I felt like this was when I was trying to learn the log press for the strongman competition.  More than once I was in tears training for that event.  Turned out OK, so it’s just a matter of having a little faith. And patience. So not patient! I’ve fought with squats since I started lifting. Should be easier. Babies do it. All sorts of people do it. I watch them. Me? I’m getting my butt kicked back to square one regularly. Last week, I had some progress. This week, I’m starting over. Again.

Finished the first week of my new program this morning.  I’m beat up appropriately.  DOMS all around. Today was an upper body volume day.  I’m doing paused bench presses now.  Did nine sets of five reps this morning and then dropped to the floor to do these push ups as a finisher.  I’ve never recorded push ups before and wanted to check my form.



I’ve wanted to write more inspirational stuff lately, but I haven’t got anything profound to say.  I’ve been feeling a little “old” lately for a couple reasons.  Teaching right now is tough.  I’m emotionally preparing myself to end this chapter of my career as a high school teacher.  That’s hard.  But I know I’ll be rejuvenated at my new assignment.   “Old” in the gym is just an insecurity that pops up sometimes.  A little voice in the back of my head that says  “you’re too old to be doing this bodybuilding thing – too old to be taken seriously.”  I’ve always been coached/trained by people decades younger than myself.  I respect them, but there is a generation gap.   And I still feel like a newb to bodybuilding.  I look around and there are a few competitors my age, but they aren’t in my division.  Most bodybuilders my age have retired from the sport.  I’ve only been lifting a few years and am attempting to be competitive with younger women who have lifted a lot longer.

I really love to train, though.  Love. It.  When I feel like this, I tend to dig in.   I focus on the next workout.  Headphones turned up, nose to grindstone.   The feeling always passes.  Lifting fixes it.  And the thing about being a little older – I’ve got oodles of experience doing hard stuff.


To end on a silly note – I don’t usually care if I look cute and coordinated at the gym.  Or anywhere, for that matter.  Didn’t realize it until I got to the gym this morning that my nails, outfit, and water bottle made a complete ensemble.  That’s not going to happen often.  😉



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9 responses to “Seriously? I’m Going to Do What?? Aren’t I too Old for That?

  1. I think you’ve got that overhead squat thing down real good. I can’t keep my arms overhead,everything pitches forward the minute I start to squat. And you have some serious shoulder muscle definition going on there(in the pushup video) Really, I’m so impressed.I’m really trying to get those “caps” right now, so I notice shoulders.


  2. Colin DeWaay

    I don’t know, reading about how you have all these different struggles and keep pushing on trying to be your best is pretty darn inspirational if you ask me.


    • I started to read that comment, and anyone who wasn’t into this stuff might have ended the phrase “I don’t know, reading about how you have all these different struggles…” with “you should try something else”. We don’t do that, do we? I realized yesterday that I don’t have consistent video of an exercise’s progression from when I first started it. I’m going to do that with overhead squats. Could be really interesting.


      • Colin DeWaay

        Those of us who know we want to become our best know we have to work on the things we aren’t good at. The progression video is a great idea!


  3. So remind me why we need to do overhead squats. I’ve trained for a zillion years and never seen this in the gyms until crossfit. I’m old school bodybuilding and probably wrong. I refuse. Cheers to you for going outside the box.


  4. Barb

    Tammy, in watching the video I was very concerned about how far back the bar was and the angle of her shoulders… that is the correct form? It looks like a shoulder injury in the making to me.


    • Yes – that shoulder position keeps the bar over the feet, which makes it possible to lock out and balance. If it falls backwards, you need to let go. Obviously, the weight used to limited to what can be pushed overhead and stabilized. It is an advanced move and works the whole body at the same time. Forces the body to move as one unit. Found this video of Olympic lifters doing the snatch, which uses a similar bar position.

      Remember, I’m training for strength first and foremost. But I have a healthy respect for what I’m doing and will drop that bar. 😉


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