A New Day Dawning

My husband is documenting his transformation on his blog. How cool is that? I’m excited for him and us.

Kodamax Photography

I hate new year’s resolutions! There, I said it.

In the past, I’ve avoided making resolutions like the plague.  I’ve also been have been quick to criticize people who vow to lose weight, quit smoking, be kind to small animals and children, or any other addle-brained schemes that last a couple weeks and then fizzle out faster than the bubbles in a cheap bottle of champagne.

That said, this year feels like the year to toss my proverbial gym shorts into the ring,  join the masses and transform myself into a burly, brawny manly man.

Truth be told, I’ve already begin the adventure. I started on Dec. 31 to get a 1-day head start on a monumental, life-changing, awe-inspiring new & improved me. Excited when I think where I will be in my fitness quest when we ring in 2017!

For the past 9 days, I’ve been routinely going to…

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One response to “A New Day Dawning

  1. Good for Paul! I enjoyed reading about his journey so far and his honest feelings as a newbie. I look forward to more posts as he progresses in his 21 day quest.


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