2017 Prep Update: Day 260 out of 275 – Two weeks left?!?! OMG. OMG. OMG.


If you think you know why I’m freaking out, you might be wrong.

I’m an introvert.  I can honestly say that getting on stage in a posing suit smaller than my underwear doesn’t bother me as much as you might assume.  I go out there, they call the poses and I do the poses.  I’m don’t wear my glasses, the stage lights are bright, so even though I can hear people, I can’t see many – just the judges and the front row.  And honestly, I’m so used to tuning out “teenager noise”, I really don’t hear anything except what I’m paying attention to – which will be the head judge’s instructions.  It’s just me and a few other nice women doing this thing.  No big deal.  This will be my 4th time, so I can visualize it.   I can prepare.  I practice every day.  I know what to expect.

Sure, I’ll have some nerves about it this time as it gets closer because of what happened before, but I think I can be ready for that.  Today, that’s not what makes me nuts thinking about competing.  It’s my introversion.  Everything about competing, except the stage, are things I actively avoid in life because they make me really uncomfortable, jumpy, and drain me.

If any of these things resonate with you, please leave a comment!  I could sure use a reminder that even though it is unlikely that we introverts will ever be in a room together, you understand my struggle.


  1. Driving to a big city that has big city traffic.
  2. Organizing everything so I won’t forget anything. (The “to do” lists need to start being written down now.  I can’t keep it in my head without going crazy.)
  3. People.  Nothing I do is more “peopley” than a show.  People everywhere.  People I don’t know. Bored people waiting for their turn who just want to visit because they aren’t introverts.
  4. The competition spray tan.  It’s gross.  It’s uncomfortable. It stinks.  It’s inconvenient. The first layer goes on Friday night, so you have live in it,  sleep in it, which means you need special clothes to wear that you can wreck but won’t wreck the tan, a set of sheets dedicated to sleep in for a couple nights.  And I can’t find my sheets.  I need to head to the thrift store.  I would also like to look for another crappy tanning track suit.
  5. The backstage scheduling is never set.  Need to pay attention to when you are called to pump up to go out.  Before that, eat what you’re supposed to eat at a given time based on that time you don’t know – make sure your tan and glaze are touched up before that…I’m a teacher.  I’m a professional PLANNER.  Not knowing these things makes me nuts.
  6. Hurry up and wait backstage = people.  Talking and stuff.  Socializing, small talk.  NIGHTMARE!
  7. Did I burn the CD with my routine music?  Nope.  Add that to the list.  Oh, and make a few CDs and put them in different places so that when I lose one, which I will, I’ll have backups.  Ugh.
  9. Make up and hair??  Ugh.  I think I’ll have them just spray my face again like last time.  Throw on some mascara and lipstick and that’ll be it.  Hair?  Well, that’s kind of already taken care of with the half-shaved head, right?  Can’t go wrong there.  Back comb and hairspray is all that I’ll need to do.

I do have a few people coming who I’m looking forward to seeing.  My plan is to honor my introversion this time around.  If I’m not with the one or two people who I’m comfortable with, I’ll find a quiet corner, listen to music or an audio book,  and try to keep my internal batteries charged.  Hell, I’d bring my crochet bag except that the stupid tan would get all over the yarn!

CRAP!  Batteries?  Cell phone battery!   I’m going to have to add “bring remote charger” to my list of things not to forget.  Every available outlet in the backstage area will be jammed up.



This last week was a deload week at the gym.  Nothing too exciting.  I spent more time practicing posing and doing cardio than lifting.  Got the plan from coach for the last two weeks and everything starts to wind down now.  I forgot – peaking with my coach is like a vacation compared to how I like to do life normally.  No one peaks an athlete better than Alberto Nunez in my opinion.  It’s all about reducing stress while using science with macros to bring his athlete up from looking like a flat tire to looking like a bodybuilder.  The guy is a “macro-whisperer” when it comes to peak week.  And we don’t cut water.  Should mention that because many competitors do.

Scale continues to drop.  We expect that to continue based on what happened the last time we peaked for a show.  This morning, I hit Alberto’s stage weight goal, so I think he needs to revise that.  I’m one pound away from my personal “aggressive” goal – so we’re probably coming in leaner than either one of us expected.

So other than the stress of having to “people” and “drive” and do other things that stress introverts, my goal is to reduce physical stress as much as possible.  The last week of summer school is next week.  All the work for that is done – kids are just finishing it up.  The final exam has been submitted for copying.  Next Friday at noon, I’ll grade the exam, issue grades for the semester, log-off, lock the door, and walk away until the end of the month.

And I’m about 90% sure I’ll do a second show in October.  At least we can plan for it.  These things are a little expensive, so if something comes up and I can’t swing it, that’ll be ok.  I’ll have photographer hubby do a photoshoot instead.  We should do that anyway.  He has some cool costumes around here.


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13 responses to “2017 Prep Update: Day 260 out of 275 – Two weeks left?!?! OMG. OMG. OMG.

  1. Carolyn Ashley

    You are amazing and an inspiration. I loved your inspiring picture of the lion and the stick throwing. Anyway, lots of us introverts out there. And peopley thing? You spend your days with people – well, they may be kids, but you know what I mean! You’re better with people and more competent than you give yourself credit for! Remember, everyone at the show is only concerned with how THEY are doing. Even the judges. If you can get on stage wearing that suit which is smaller than your underwear, you can handle anything. I’ll be rooting for you on the day of the competition. And you know there is a well-known American lady in her eighties who is a competitive body builder, right?

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  2. Sara

    I totally agree with Carolyn. I was thinking too that you’re a teacher and deal with kids all day. Gotta be a good communicator to do that job! I’m a bit of an introvert too…so my strategy when in uncomfortable social situations is to just ask a question of the talkitive person. Then let them have at it. 😊 You can be a great listener. Much less draining.
    And nothing in my life really gets done unless it’s written down. I make a ton of lists! And once it’s on the paper, I feel like it frees up head space.
    Be kind to yourself…you’re doing an amazing job!!!

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  3. Heather Lowe

    I’ve been following you on Facebook and I live in Sac. I’m thinking of coming to the competition in the morning but I’ve never been to one before and I’m and introvert too, so I haven’t decided for sure. You are doing great, and such an inspiration! Keep it up 🙂 I’m looking forward to cheering for you there (if I make it lol!).

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    • I totally get it! The prejudging won’t be as busy as the night show, but it is the most important part. Pretty casual. When I’m done, I’m planning to come out to the audience myself to watch and meet anyone who came out to watch me. The auditorium will be dark, so it’s like watching a play. You probably already know where the school is located – easy to dive to and has plenty of parking. At least these are things I wonder about. 🙂


  4. Introverts UNITE! (Separately, and from the comfort and security of your own individual homes.) LOL Just kidding. You are SUCH an inspiration! I have been following your journey for some time now and I totally get the introvert head speak, and what’s more is you are doing everything right to honor who you are. Trust your training. Trust your preparations. Trust your SELF. 😉 You are going to be amazing! If I could offer anything additional it would be a bit of aromatherapy – I use a mixture of lavendar and clary sage in a roller bottle. Roll it on just before a big meeting and it takes the edge off my nerves. (Aveda makes a line of lotions and oils that’s a similar scent, I think it’s called stress fixer or something.) Keep doing what you’ve been doing and just remember you’ve got this!!

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  5. Christine Lawler

    I understand, people. I have become almost a recluse. You are so inspiring.

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  6. Lee Langley

    Several times I have seen you comment about “what happened before” Im reading your blog from the beginning and haven’t come across this yet – what happened?
    I should mention that you are a real inspiration to this introvert who is week 3 into her training program 🙂

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  7. Kathleen N.

    I know how you are feeling as you countdown. I discovered heavy lifting in my 40s, did a body building competition, kept a blog: http://oldbroadnewbod.blogspot.com. But unlike you I eventually let life reabsorb all my accomplishments. So go! Go drive and “people” knowing there are folks like me out there who keep track of you because you are badass, and because you help them with their own hope. GOOD LUCK!

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  8. I’m an introvert which a lot of people don’t believe even when I tell them. Apparently, I cover it very well but I have awful social anxiety. I don’t like “getting to know” people. Interacting with people I don’t know is awful. I force myself to engage and converse but the whole thing is nerve wracking and just draining. I don’t like going places I’m unfamiliar with unless I’m with one of my favorite people. I despise venturing out to new places alone. I used to get mad at myself for being an introvert but I’ve made peace with it now. I give myself lots of gold stars for doing things although they make me anxious and uncomfortable. I’ve found that by pushing myself I can do the things that need to be done and sometimes I even get through it without being a completely shaky, sweaty, miserable mess. Lol…I’m just hard wired to be an introvert. I give you props for pushing against your boundaries and forging ahead even when it’s not that easy. As a matter of fact, I’m giving YOU gold stars!

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  9. I am a socially functional introvert. I go where I need to go and do what I need to do but I find public time draining and need private time to recharge.

    I avoid phone calls when possible. I go to the gym when it is least busy. I breathe a sigh of relief when I walk into an almost empty movie theater.

    I don’t see my introversion as a handicap. It’s mostly a different need of how I spend my time and with who. I have friends who are like a caged cat if they’re not surrounded by people to talk to and get attention from. They just have different needs than I do.

    Thank you for keeping up the blog. I’m excited to hear how you do!


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