Transforming Into an Athlete in the Second Part of Life

This is one of the blogs I need to reread every so often.

Lifting My Spirits


The first time I touched a barbell, I was 48 years old.  I’m now 54.

Some people say my age is an irrelevant point about me as an athlete, but they are wrong.  It’s extremely relevant.   I was a fully formed adult with scars and strengths from living life before I decided to live a completely different way.  And my decision impacted a lot of people who thought they knew who I was before I decided to be someone else.  I’m still working on making sense of all this.  Something yanked my chain this last week and I need to write to figure out what I think about things.  Sorry – I need to be a bit cryptic about it because it’s private.  But I believe humans have similar responses to things, even if details are different.

Please forgive me for veering into the past for a moment.   If what I’m…

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2 responses to “Transforming Into an Athlete in the Second Part of Life

  1. I could write a blog with the same title except I started at 55 and I’m not sure what my specific goal is besides I want the best body I can have at my age–more about health and fitness than aesthetics, but I appreciate so much that you had the courage to make your journey so public–and go on stage–because that gives me hope even though I’m starting at a later age. If I ever got to the point where I could feasibly compete on stage I would do it just to show others they could too. Thank you again and again for writing your blog and your book. Still reading the book in between working with my personal trainer, running, going to the gym, studying for a fitness certification, but it’s so amazing to read about a transformation from someone my age because I tried over and over to do this since I was 30 and it never stuck so the voices in my head every dang day, well you know about those and you know how to overcome them and that’s what I needed to hear.

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