“Being weak is a choice… so is being strong…”

If you are just getting started or a year or two into your own health transformation, you might relate to the frustration I had on this day. I think most people get to this point in their journey – where other might discount your struggle because you’re actually engaged in it. It is a personal choice to live differently; to live less comfortably.

I wish I could tell you that it will get easier and stay that way. It won’t. Life still happens. And the longer you are living it, things will come up. Accept the changes and adjust.

Lifting My Spirits

Tough week.

I need to let off some steam.

I’m so tired of people thinking that THIS (the bodybuilding life) is easy for me because I’m “disciplined”.  It’s discounting to say to me “you’re so disciplined” as if I’m different from you.  I’m not so different.  It’s not easy.  I just don’t complain about it or fret about it.  I choose to do it and I make this choice repeatedly all day long.

Look at this woman.  If you knew her, you KNOW she was unhappy.  Do you seriously think it was easy for her to get up every morning to workout?  To make herself do it?  Do you think it was easy to start logging food – every meal, every day?  Do you think it was easy to ignore every insecurity that comes with letting yourself get this unhealthy – ignore all of those negative self messages and ask for…

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2 responses to ““Being weak is a choice… so is being strong…”

  1. Larry

    I think when people say you are disciplined, it’s a compliment to you meaning , you take your shit seriously, not discounting you, but saying I wish I could I could get past the uncomfortable thought of making this a commitment, where you have

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  2. Oh my gosh, this is sooooooo good! Thank you for this!


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