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Food-Tracking Hacks On the Go

Consistency over time is the REAL “secret” to making a health change.

However, I don’t think anyone has a life that is consistently free of unplanned craziness.

If you have a flexible approach to making things work, you have a better shot at reaching your goals.

Here are a couple of ideas for how to handle food prep on a day that is going to be crazy busy…

Hack: Log your food for the whole day the night before or first thing in the morning.

Once it’s all in your tracker, you’re more likely to be compliant with your program for that day.

You will be less likely to grab something unplanned because, in your mind, you already know you logged everything and you don’t want to open up the tracker to do the extra work to log that snack.

Or, if you do need to eat something unplanned, you only need to add that one thing, not the whole day.

Hack: Pack your food for the entire day and bring it with you.

After your food is logged, put all of it in one cooler. Meals, snacks – everything.

As your crazy, busy day unfolds, even if you’re at home, you know that your food for that day is in that one spot.

It is easier to be disciplined if you know that. It’s in this box, it’s logged – that’s my food for today.

The big idea here is to stop worrying about if you’re doing things the “right” way and get creative about how to make it work in YOUR life.

Doing it slightly less than “optimally” is still doing it!

Busy adults don’t have time to be perfect. Let that $h!t go. 😉

For more information…

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I’m an Author! OMG!!!

Holy cow!! This happened!!!  Check that off the bucket list!

This book as been in the planning stages since 2013.  I’m glad I didn’t write it back then.  The period from 2015 to 2017 was intense with respect to staying on track and struggling with the mental game.  There were lessons to be learned and my ego needed to be beat up a bit to learn them.

My perspective on how to sustain a “fit life” is more balanced now.  I tried to get all of that into this book so it will become a handbook for “how not to quit” along with some practical tips about eating and such.

When I finished teaching in June, I made a plan to write this book in 30 days.  Took a few weeks longer.  But hey!  It’s up now!  Yay!!!

My inner math nerd did my very best to go live with the book on Amazon on August 18 at 8:18 am.  Yes.  That’s 8/18/18 at 8:18 am (if you write your dates like we do here in the states).  Hahahaha!

While I wait for Amazon to set up the “Inside this Book” feature, I thought I’d share the intro with you here.  These are images of the actual pages in the book.  (Pause the slideshow to read.  Maybe increase the zoom on browser, too.)



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’d like to thank my husband, Paul, for helping me with the cover.  (If you remember – there was a banner behind me on stage with a picture of a guy in board shorts. Check out Paul’s self-imposed 77-day boot camp adventure here.)


Next step – get the Kindle version up.  That shouldn’t take long.  Just need to check on the formatting to make sure it looks good as an ebook.

Eventually – Audible.  That may take a bit longer.  I learned I can do that as a self-publishing author.   Yay!   I want to narrate and edit it myself, so I need to watch some tutorials about how to do that.

If you want to purchase the paperback book on Amazon, you’ll get it speedy quick!

If you want a signed copy, that will take longer because you’re getting that from me.  I’m waiting for my copies to arrive, then I’ll write in your copy, then mail it off.  Limited supplies on that option, so click here.  If you get a order form, there are still some left!

When the copies I ordered arrived, I will be randomly drawing a name or two from the mailing list and sending off a free copy.  If you’re not on my mailing list but would like to be, you can join us over here.

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This week was defined by limits.


Delta-Epsilon Definition of Mathematical Limit

No – not that kind of limit!!  I’m still on summer vaca for a couple more weeks.  Geez!  (But if you’re coming into my calculus class on Aug 12th, this will be one of the first things you learn.)

My body reached it’s limit with respect to my new training protocol. After a little more than a week, it just wasn’t recovering properly. Not worried. It’s a new kind of training with new demands. Coach removed a lift, added more rest days, and I increased the time I spent icing the sore parts. Specifically – my upper back. The rhomboids have always taken several days to recover after a back workout. For this type of training, every workout is a back workout. I know I need to use my glutes more and my back less, but I can’t NOT use my back for any of these exercises. I hope these muscles will get stronger. I’d modify the weekly schedule to do strongman only twice a week and other stuff the rest of the week, but I don’t know if I’ll recover properly unless I do NOTHING the rest of the week – which isn’t a good plan long term.

Food limits – I’ve decided to be non-compliant with Coach’s orders to not weigh and measure my food – for a few days anyway. I started again yesterday. I need to see what’s going on. If I’m not getting enough food, that would slow my recovery. Related to food logging – the Bodybugg website reached it’s limit, I guess. Got an email a couple months ago informing me that the website was going down and my account would be closed on July 20th. I had to start a new account using the Bodymedia website. I like the interface on Bodymedia better, but it made me really sad to log off my old site for the last time.  Every success story has a tool that worked for them.  Mine was the Bodybugg.  I’m still using it, but I’m going to miss that chick in the blue tank top.  She’s been there for me for a long time.


I spent the extra time away from the gym tackling a major project at home that I’ve procrastinated for YEARS – organizing my home office.   My patience with myself had reached its limit.  A couple years ago, we converted a spare bedroom into a dressing room for models (hubby is a photographer). I had a lot of craft supplies stored in that room and all those boxes ended up in my office or on top of a dresser in the bedroom. And there they sat for the two years I trained and competed. I just walked around them. Piled more stuff on top of them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ok – this next one will going to be a reach to fit into my theme. I pushed a client pretty hard for her leg workout the other day.  (And right now all my clients think I’m talking about them.  Hahahaha!)  Gotta push it to the LIMIT when you do legs, right?  In a text, she called me her Fairy Fitness Godmother.  LOL!  Well, photographer hubby has
20130722-143934.jpgprops!!  After my tire flipping, sled puling, keg carrying, get-as-dirty-and-bruised-as-you-can workout on Friday, I played a little dress-up and made this pic for the page.

About to start working on the next post.  Had a VERY disappointing ‘first’ at the gym today.  Don’t even want to talk about it, but I need to.  It needs to be documented.

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