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2 Tips for Food On the Go

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Consistency over time is the REAL “secret” to making a health change.

However, I don’t think anyone has a life that is consistently free of unplanned craziness.

If you have a flexible approach to making things work, you have a better shot at reaching your goals.

Here are a couple of ideas for how to handle food prep on a day that is going to be crazy busy…

Idea 1: Log your food for the whole day the night before or first thing in the morning.

Once it’s all in your tracker, you’re more likely to be compliant with your program for that day.

You will be less likely to grab something unplanned because, in your mind, you already know you logged everything and you don’t want to open up the tracker to do the extra work to log that snack.

Or, if you do need to eat something unplanned, you only need to add that one thing, not the whole day.

Idea 2: Pack your food for the entire day and bring it with you.

After your food is logged, put all of it in one cooler. Meals, snacks – everything.

As your crazy, busy day unfolds, even if you’re at home, you know that your food for that day is in that one spot.


It is easier to be disciplined if you know that. It’s in this box, it’s logged – that’s my food for today.

The big idea here is to stop worrying about if you’re doing things the “right” way and get creative about how to make it work in YOUR life.

Doing it slightly less than “optimally” is still doing it!

Busy adults don’t have time to be perfect. Let that $h!t go. 😉


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51 Weeks Out

We’ve been having a bit of a heat spell here this week.  I’ve had a hard time getting sleep.  My body is holding a bunch of water.   A “bunch” = weight jumped 4 lbs in one day.  Last night, I took a couple OTC sleep aides and managed to get a fitful 7 hours of sleep laying in bed for 9 hours.  Weight dropped a pound because of that.  Need that sleep to keep the cortisol levels normal so the body won’t be stressed.

There seems to be something going on with my right shoulder – nothing serious.  Feels a little inflamed, not injured.  I have pain in my right forearm that feels like nerve pain.  I rarely take anything, but I just took some ibuprofen to see if that helps.  Right hip has been tender for a couple weeks now, too.  I suppose the extra water I’m holding isn’t helping things.  When I get to the gym this afternoon, I’ll do some extra stretching.  I need to do more mobility work anyway.  A tight budget has cut out massages and my scoliosis and deformed feet cause a lot of aches and pains in general.


A few things are going well.

I did get a bench PR this week!


Not an epic lift in the big picture, but this lift was going no where for the longest time.

I bought a couple new tank tops to wear to the gym.  I needed larger ones because mine are getting tight across the upper chest.  That’s really awesome!  Means my chest and/or my back are growing.  I don’t think I’m growing evenly though.  The left pec is larger than the right, just like the left lat is bigger than the right one.  My left side compensates on barbell work because of the nagging impingement pain I’ve always had in the right shoulder.

I meet with my coach again at the beginning next month.  I am hoping I will get to start the “cut before the cut” we have talked about.  I’m not too heavy, but I’m fluffy enough.  For this next show, I want my conditioning to be better.  However, I am nervous about what my formerly-obese-50-something-post-menopausal body will allow to happen with fat loss.  That’s why I’ve been trying to eat more without doing any cardio.  I’m trying to set up for a long, gentle, efficient contest prep that gets me on stage leaner than I’ve ever been in my life.

I’ve lost my enthusiasm for food prep and logging.  I’ve felt myself wanting to rebel.  So I’m taking a break from logging for a couple weeks before the cut starts.   I can get a little OCD about macros, which is why the break is needed, but I will have to be mindful about getting enough protein when I’m not measuring and logging everything.  I’ve done this before and know that the issue will be eating enough, instead of eating too much as you might expect.  I’ll start logging again as soon as it bugs me or when I get new macros, whichever comes first.

Since I’m holding water, I expect that today I’m at the heaviest weight I will be at during this off season.  So I took a picture.   And video of my latest battle with overhead squats.  I’ve worked  up to 10 pounds now!  I bench 120 lbs, but can only do 10 lbs on an overhead squat?  I think I’m being conservative.  I bet I can handle 20 pounds.  Hahahaha!

No thigh gap on this gal!  Hoping there has been some quad growth under that layer of fluff.  I’ve done a LOT of occlusion work on the quads and glutes these last few months.  There isn’t much I dislike about what I do at the gym, but single leg hip thrusts with blood-flow restriction – well, that’s not fun.  No ma’am.  Not fun at all.  It better be working, that’s all I can say.



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“You want me to do what???”

I replied when he told me what he wanted me to do for 30 days.

Coach took me out to dinner a a few days after the show to celebrate. Full-on cheat meal at an Italian place. It was glorious. I’ve been pretty vocal about my plans to do a reverse diet out of this show. So when the conversation topic switched to what to do next as we go into a long off-season, he told me he wanted me to deal with my food a lot differently. For 30 days, starting today, July 1, I’m not going to use macros, weigh, or measure my food. I’m going to eat what I feel like I need to eat and log it. Log it by hand. In a notebook. No computer programs. No amounts. Along with the simple food list, I’m supposed to make a note about my hydration levels and how I feel.

This is going to be weird. I’ve been doing everything with precision for 4 years. I welcome this challenge for a couple reasons…

1) After weighing, measuring, logging, and following macros for so long, I’ve gotten a little OCD about eating. And it’s a drag, honestly. The same reason people don’t want to start monitoring their food intake with precision is exactly the reason I need to take a break. Right now, the first month of a year long off season, is the perfect time to do it.

2) As a coach/trainer myself, it’s good to get knocked out of my comfort zone and do something new. Establishing the habit of logging is hard no matter how you do it.

I’m not sure what to expect. I’ve tried for a few days before today and failed. One meal got logged. I think I’ll have to switch to using an app on my phone with Siri taking dictation. I’m still doing the reverse diet – sort of. I’ve added back my favorite clean foods that were removed from the plan for show prep. Sure enough – something is bloating me. That’s why they were removed. I’ll eliminate each one for a day to see if I can narrow it down. Since I’m supposed to be logging how I feel, should be able to figure this out. My suspects are almonds or fruit. It doesn’t really matter right now, I’m going to keep these things in, but I just want to know.


Post show weight shot up – as expected. My stage weight was 132 lbs. Four days later, it was 145 lbs. I was holding a TON of water. My face was a little swollen. I added the apple cider vinegar and asparagus back into my day to drop a little water. Weight has dropped to 140 and has maintained there for a couple of days. That’s where it should be right now – 132 lbs of me plus 8 lbs of water back inside me = 140 lbs. I don’t think Coach wants me to worry about the scale weight, but I’m going to keep an eye on it.  I expect that I might eat too little with this plan, so I’m just as concerned about weight drop as weight gain.  I want to gain weight in the off season, but my body will store fat. I’m retraining it. I need to try to stay as lean as possible as I gain. A bit of a tightrope walk, I know. But I know I gained muscle during the cut for this last show, so I’m fairly confident I can do this – even by instinct.

DISCLAIMER: What I’m doing probably won’t work for you. Every body is different. The variables are different. Everyone’s experience with food and exercise is different. I have a coach I’ve worked with for over a year, through two shows. I don’t follow a ‘plan’. We try things, observe the results, and adjust.


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