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2 Tips for Food On the Go

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Consistency over time is the REAL “secret” to making a health change.

However, I don’t think anyone has a life that is consistently free of unplanned craziness.

If you have a flexible approach to making things work, you have a better shot at reaching your goals.

Here are a couple of ideas for how to handle food prep on a day that is going to be crazy busy…

Idea 1: Log your food for the whole day the night before or first thing in the morning.

Once it’s all in your tracker, you’re more likely to be compliant with your program for that day.

You will be less likely to grab something unplanned because, in your mind, you already know you logged everything and you don’t want to open up the tracker to do the extra work to log that snack.

Or, if you do need to eat something unplanned, you only need to add that one thing, not the whole day.

Idea 2: Pack your food for the entire day and bring it with you.

After your food is logged, put all of it in one cooler. Meals, snacks – everything.

As your crazy, busy day unfolds, even if you’re at home, you know that your food for that day is in that one spot.


It is easier to be disciplined if you know that. It’s in this box, it’s logged – that’s my food for today.

The big idea here is to stop worrying about if you’re doing things the “right” way and get creative about how to make it work in YOUR life.

Doing it slightly less than “optimally” is still doing it!

Busy adults don’t have time to be perfect. Let that $h!t go. 😉


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Bugg Be Gone!

Just dropping by for a quick post.  Work is beyond busy right now as the Christmas break approaches.  Final exams will be a couple weeks after we get back from break.  I need to write exams and get my grading caught up.  (Stack of papers to grade was almost a foot tall.)

Hip feels better.  I still haven’t gotten the OK to get back to the 5 x 5.  I know I’m taking the last week of December off, so I don’t think I’ll be back on it until January at the earliest.

Too much going on.  Too much.  For the first time in 3 1/2 years, I have not been able to keep up with my food logging.  It’s really not a big deal because I’m eating the same stuff.  Still weighing and measuring.  Logging has been useful only to track my macros.  Today I decided to just let the logging go.  I took off the BodyBugg.  I’m going to take a break from all the tracking until it’s time to start my cut.  I think that will be mid-January.

It’s not much, but it is a mental break.  I’ll just handle things the old mysterious way most people do.  Watching the mirror and watching the scale.  I probably have to be more worried about not eating enough than eating too much.  All I want to do for the next month is GROW.  I’m kind of curious to see how I do with my data.


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