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I’m an Author! OMG!!!

Holy cow!! This happened!!!  Check that off the bucket list!

This book as been in the planning stages since 2013.  I’m glad I didn’t write it back then.  The period from 2015 to 2017 was intense with respect to staying on track and struggling with the mental game.  There were lessons to be learned and my ego needed to be beat up a bit to learn them.

My perspective on how to sustain a “fit life” is more balanced now.  I tried to get all of that into this book so it will become a handbook for “how not to quit” along with some practical tips about eating and such.

When I finished teaching in June, I made a plan to write this book in 30 days.  Took a few weeks longer.  But hey!  It’s up now!  Yay!!!

My inner math nerd did my very best to go live with the book on Amazon on August 18 at 8:18 am.  Yes.  That’s 8/18/18 at 8:18 am (if you write your dates like we do here in the states).  Hahahaha!

While I wait for Amazon to set up the “Inside this Book” feature, I thought I’d share the intro with you here.  These are images of the actual pages in the book.  (Pause the slideshow to read.  Maybe increase the zoom on browser, too.)



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’d like to thank my husband, Paul, for helping me with the cover.  (If you remember – there was a banner behind me on stage with a picture of a guy in board shorts. Check out Paul’s self-imposed 77-day boot camp adventure here.)


Next step – get the Kindle version up.  That shouldn’t take long.  Just need to check on the formatting to make sure it looks good as an ebook.

Eventually – Audible.  That may take a bit longer.  I learned I can do that as a self-publishing author.   Yay!   I want to narrate and edit it myself, so I need to watch some tutorials about how to do that.

If you want to purchase the paperback book on Amazon, you’ll get it speedy quick!

If you want a signed copy, that will take longer because you’re getting that from me.  I’m waiting for my copies to arrive, then I’ll write in your copy, then mail it off.  Limited supplies on that option, so click here.  If you get a order form, there are still some left!

When the copies I ordered arrived, I will be randomly drawing a name or two from the mailing list and sending off a free copy.  If you’re not on my mailing list but would like to be, you can join us over here.

If you would like me to be your Accountability Coach or Nutrition Consultant, click here for more information.



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“Boulders and Booty” Workout

Today, I finished the second week of this four week phase from Coach.  This workout is for shoulders, glutes, and forearms.  Odd combination, I thought.  And working glutes two days after legs – well that’s not exactly fun.  And I’ve never worked forearms separately.   I wish my shoulders would progress faster.  They look like they are growing, but the weights don’t progress very fast.  And this was probably too many sets.

Here’s what I did today. (Pay no attention to the later times – I stopped logging at the gym and put the last sets in after I got home.)

2/17/13  Overhead Press in Shoulders – I haven’t done these in a month.  My 1 rm is up 5 lbs.
2:52:47 PM  45 x 10
2:56:15 PM  55 x 10  Stopped to stretch low back
2:58:25 PM  65 x 5
3:00:24 PM  60 x 10

2/17/13  Arnold Presses in Shoulders
3:03:13 PM  20 x 10  Superset with face pulls
3:13:11 PM  25 x 10
3:13:13 PM  25 x 10

2/17/13  Face Pulls in Shoulders
3:13:52 PM  50 x 10
3:14:01 PM  70 x 10
3:14:04 PM  80 x 10

2/17/13  Shoulder Cable Super Set in Shoulders
3:14:13 PM  Cable Front Raise: 5 x 12  Cable Lateral Raise: 5 x 10  DB Rear Fly: 12.5 x 10
3:17:26 PM  Cable Front Raise: 7.5 x 10  Cable Lateral Raise: 5 x 10  DB Rear Fly: 12.5 x 10
3:24:56 PM  Cable Front Raise: 7.5 x 10  Cable Lateral Raise: 7.5 x 10  DB Rear Fly: 15 x 10  One arm at a time so I could spot my weak side

2/17/13  Weighted Bridges in Glutes & Hamstrings
3:32:08 PM  90 x 10  Giant set with reverse hypers and wrist rollers
3:35:30 PM  120 x 10
3:39:06 PM  140 x 10
4:36:04 PM  160 x 10
4:36:08 PM  180 x 10 PR

2/17/13  Reverse Hypers in Glutes & Hamstrings
4:36:22 PM  20 x 10
4:36:24 PM  20 x 10
4:36:26 PM  20 x 10
4:36:33 PM  30 x 10
4:36:34 PM  30 x 10

2/17/13  Wrist Roller in Forearms
4:39:17 PM  5 x 10  Up and down  = 1 set
4:39:19 PM  5 x 10
4:39:20 PM  5 x 10
4:39:21 PM  5 x 10
4:39:23 PM  5 x 10

2/17/13  Cable Reverse Curl in Forearms
4:39:45 PM  20 x 10
4:39:46 PM  20 x 10
4:39:46 PM  20 x 10
4:39:47 PM  20 x 10
4:39:47 PM  20 x 10

In other news… Hubby and I (but mostly Hubby) have started working on my book.  I want it to be an e-book.  Maybe something awesome will happen with it, but what I like best about it, is that it is a project he and I are doing together.   I want to fill it with motivational quotes using his photography.  Tips and encouragement from me.  Even if no one wants to buy it, and it’s a flop, it’s meaningful to me.  We are working on this together – each bringing our own strengths to the project.  In the beginning, he was unsure and apprehensive about what I was doing with this “bodybuilding” thing.  I want it to be focused on the emotional challenges of changing your life by changing your health.  There are so many resources out there about workouts and nutrition, but hardly anything about how to handle the mental game.  That’s what I’ve blogged about the most.  That’s been the thing that has been, and continues to be, the hardest part.  Maybe others aren’t so disciplined – heck, I wasn’t disciplined.  But the challenges faced with negative self-talk, relationships, friendships, work obligations, guilt…well those things are the hardest I think.


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