Want to Work With Me?

Very soon, I’ll be a retired teacher! 

At some time during summer/fall of 2018, I hope to have that e-book finished I’ve been asked to write. 

Also working on a plan for a fitness-related online consultation service because I want to help others reach their goals, too!  I’m very interested in helping people navigate the parts of the process that derail most…accountability, motivation, handling negative self-talk loops, developing different nutrition habits, and just making it all work as a busy adult with a lot of responsibilities.  

My mailing list will get first notification of when the book is finished and when the consultation service is ready to go. 

If you want to join that list, follow this link.  Please make sure you check the box to “opt-in” for emails.  

Thank you!

Yes!  I want to join Lifting My Spirit’s mailing list!